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24 02 2003

93 Feet East, 24.02.03

Not sure whether it’s Boom Boom Satellites‘ following, or just Shoreditch, but there’s lots of Japanese art student types with funny haircuts wandering around. Certainly the place is a lot busier than the last Monday night I was here, so hopefully word is spreading of these great free, yes, free, live shows at the start of every week.

First on are Gear, who rock out in a convincing power-punk way. There’s certainly potential to be exciting. Then it’s Sona Fariq, who headlined last time, and properly kicked it out. Tonight though they’re a little subdued. Still, they’re one of the best live bands around, bringing the noise with an energy and conviction everyone needs in their life. It’s a full-on sonic punk rock assault with edgy funk angles, and it’s fantastic. Unfortunately their set is curtailed by an injury down in front, which means Boom Boom Satellites are a full hour late on stage. Still it’s worth missing the last train, because they’re absolutely bonkers and absolutely ace. Electro, techno, fuckno fuck yeah! It’s Tom Morello on the soundtrack to the manga version of Starsky and Hutch versus the Giant Robots and its fucking wicked! Go to one of these free nights, its well worth it, and go see Sona Fariq and go Boom Boom Satellites. You’ll thank me.

This review first appeared on The injury down the front happened to my mate Paul’s twin brother, who got there later than us when we were down the front, and literally ran down the front, jumped in the air and crumpled into a ball. He was on crutches for months with the kind of injury that ends footballers’ careers.




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