candys. kid galahad. four star mary. goldrush

25 02 2003

NUS ENTS CONVENTION Reading University Students’ Union

It’s a curious thing that this NUS conference thingy in the lush setting of Reading University comprises equally blaggers like you and me and people who look like scout leaders. Anyway, no-one’s paying any attention to the bands. The drab Teenage Fan Club-isms of Goldrush aren’t ever going to lure anyone from the bar.

Four Star Mary are more like it, their good-time barroom rock’n’roll communicating well even to a largely indifferent crowd. And they may be keeping it quiet, but they’re the band off Buffy.

Best of the night are Kid Galahad, whose album Gold Dust Noise is out nowish. They might look like the indiest kid ever beaten up in school but they’re freewheeling at the dirtier end of the indie-pop spectrum and pack excellent chant-alongs like ‘Pack it In’ and the massively-riffed ‘Where is My Gold’. Catchy lyrics and clever sampling show a genuine sparkiness. Plus they’ve been on Teachers and they sound a bit like Action Spectacular (anybody? anybody?).

Last on are The Candys. They look like a discount Ash and sound like the best dirge-pop act ever. While not as sparky as Kid Galahad, they’re a complete package: ice queen bassist, pretty boy singer, sulky rocking out. There’s definite promise even if none of the songs stand out apart from the brilliantly-sampled epic closer. Maybe no-one’s paying attention tonight, but Kid Galahad and the Candys are definitely worth a few quid and a snakebite at the Monarch.

This review first appeared on sometime in 2003-4.




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