motorhead. wildhearts. young heart attack

18 10 2003

Hammersmith Apollo, Saturday 18.10.03

The pubs of Hammersmith have been taken over by hairy old men in denim jackets. Two of the greatest British rock bands ever are in town: the legendary Motorhead, carved from rock a million years hence, and The Wildhearts, wild at heart and guitars slung low.

First up though are Young Heart Attack. They’re from Texas, there’s about a million of them and they have a winning way with a riff and a chorus, like a young AC/DC with a girl in.

Then there’s the three guitar assault of The Wildhearts, who seem to be on a bit early and are criminally underappreciated by the crowd. They mostly stick to the stuff since their much vaunted comeback a couple of years back such as ‘Vanilla Radio’ and new single ‘Top of the World’, on which they’ve reined in their prog-metal tendencies – it used to be they’d cram three great songs into every one, now it’s back to one great song at a time. They’re fookin’ ace, the Wildhearts.

Then it’s time for Motorhead to “tear Hammersmith a new asshole” (thank you Ginger Wildheart.) And they’re AMAZING! It’s MOTORHEAD! Just over there! Look, it’s Lemmy! I haven’t got a clue what they’re playing, but it’s BLOODY BRILLIANT! Obviously they save ‘Ace of Spades’ for the encore, but before that there’s a version of ‘God Save the Queen’, a frankly ridiculous drum solo, and full-tilt rockin’ all the way. Fantastic.

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