million dead. colour of fire

5 10 2004

Islington Carling Academy 05.10.04

The Colour of Fire sound soars and ricochets over the sides of the Islington Academy and should by rights sweep away the walls of a venue which used to have a proper name but is now just one of a chain of beer outlets, and it’s in a bloody shopping centre f’chris’sakes. But the walls are still there, and there’s a few people by the bar but no-one down the front, so the purple waves of sound overlap and disappear. If there’s no-one there to listen, does a surging post-emo outfit make a roar?

Million Dead , meanwhile, do make a sound, I know because I can hear people cheering them. But I’ve lost interest because I’m in the upstairs bar, which has sofas and TVs and no queues. These corporate venues are good, aren’t they? Yeah right.




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28 07 2007

Hola faretaste

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