23 02 2006

It’s my birthday soon. I started out on creating my own website just before my last birthday, and I’ve done sod all for nearly a whole year. Just realising that was the catalyst to finishing the job, and so I decided to follow the best piece pf advice I’ve ever overheard in a crowded bar:

You don’t have to get it right, just get it written.

So I got myself this here blog. I plan to move to my own site (which is currently boarded up; a tramp has made his home in the links section, and kids bounce a football against the main navigation bar) some time soon, when I have gleaned the secret of interweb language.

Aaaanyhow, now I am off the blogging blocks, I promise you I will not be so lazy over the next year of my life. Actually, lazy is the wrong word. Last year was great. I got some letters after my name and got a job. I went to a lot of gigs and I drank a lot of beer. And I fell more and more in love.

But this year will be even greaterer. I am going to do stuff. Loads of stuff. Here is some of the main stuff, in no particular order…

Number one:
DO WRITING Music, films, comics, things that piss me off. I will write about them all, here.

Number two:
DO COMICS I have been forgetting all my best ideas for too long, so over the last couple of months I have been collecting ideas, writing scripts and sketching motley characters in a selection of cheap notebooks. And this year you will get to hold those stories in your hands, on cheap paper. Photocopied mini-comics to start with, then bigger, better, faster, more!

Number three:
WORK SOME PUNK ROCK MAGIC Five years ago I got a loan to spend on food, and I went straight out and bought a guitar. I haven’t touched it since, but this year it’s coming out of its heavily-cobwebbed velour bag.

Number four:
GET ON THE DECKS It’s been a while since I DJed last, and I’m getting an itchy play-button finger. So sometime this year will see the triumphant return of fireandforget – the indie disco. And, let’s go crazy, I might even try podcasting too (hey, everybody else is).

Number five:
That’s where you come in. Howdy. Look out for cheap comics, stickers in dingy pub toilets, smartarse posts on other people’s sites, ads in the middle of the Superbowl, an’ that. fireandforget is more than just a blog. I intend it to share it.

Stick with me, and who knows? Maybe next year you’ll be at my birthday party with me, toasting our wondrous year with champagne cocktails and twirling our moustaches. I can’t wait.




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