let me tell you about Clare…

24 02 2006

She’s the first Clash album remixed by Aphex Twin in black and white, with Julie Christie and Catherine Deneuve dancing in slo-mo. She’s that sexy.

We know when we first saw each other. I thought, I want a girl like her. I didn’t know the half of it. I wanted to talk to her but I’m not sure I managed it. I was in bed one night when my friends came home, and when no-one was looking she walked into my room, kissed me and left without a word. I thought I’d dreamt it. Maybe I’m still dreaming. She said she was going to Reading but neither of us did. Thank god for text messaging. I only sent her the one but she seemed to like it.

Christmas. Two months together. She was going home and I was convinced she wasn’t coming back. I made her sit with me in the passport booth, so I could convince myself she was real. She’s smiling, dark-eyed, cute and sexy, looking out past the camera. I’m just scruffy.

She came back. She gets funnier, prettier, cleverer, sexier, more thrilling-er every time I see her. I can see her now, when I close my eyes.

Thrilling-er. It’s a word… Nah, you just don’t get it. Me neither, really, but that’s love.




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20 10 2007

love you rich, and clare x

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