27 02 2006

The money came in early so I bought a hat and some shoes. Also booked myself some gig tickets. If you’re interested, have a look at out about to see where I shall be propping up bars round London.

Importing music onto the computer so I can sell all my CDs and buy an iPod. Some songs I have been listening to:

  • Hempolics – This is My Island
  • Catch – Boys Will Be Boys
  • Starfall – Psylocibe
  • Stabb – This Joke’s On Me
  • Bennet – Dogs
  • Arcade Fire – Headlights Look Like Diamonds
  • Jim Noir – Eanie Meany 2

Every month I seem to be in a race to see how fast I can pay out my entire wage packet so that I can spend the maximum possible time dancing around on my overdraft limit.

This got me thinking about how fast I earn money. In past jobs I have, in bored moments, calculated exactly how much I earn per minute and per second. It was never very much.

So I had an idea for a little software widget thing. I don’t know how to programme so you won’t be downloading it here anytime soon unless someone cleverer than me reads this and gets on the case.

So you type in your wage details and your expenses, and the widget sits on your desktop and every now again goes Ping! You have earned this month’s travel, and Ping! You have earned your credit card payment, or Ping! You have earned another pint. You could have a counter clicking your wages upwards, or clicking upwards how many pints you have earned.

Computer people: go forth and make it happen. Bring those wage slaves hope…




One response

1 03 2006

catch! shit yeah! i remember them. how are you rich? i’m so excited you have a blog! i’m going to read it regularly, so you better do some interesting stuff. see you soon debxx

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