Post *29

1 03 2006

My Name is Earl is the best thing on TV since Rich Hall’s Cattle Drive finished.
Listening to:

  • Liberty 37 – Oh River
  • And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead – Caterwaul
  • The Mad Staring Eyes – What Am I Supposed to Do?
  • Frigid Vinegar – Prince Charming
  • Sodastream – Leila



2 responses

3 03 2006

Hey crab man! That show does rock. Hopefully me and Deb will see you this weekend for your birthday – I like yr site!


PS did you hear jason Perry is produceing that one from Busted’s new album? The one who went to ‘rehab’. heh heh. Seriously, way to bum out an ‘A’ fan

7 03 2006

Hey Lily. I did hear that. There was an interview with Matt Willis (I thought his name was Matt James but maybe I’m going mad) in this month’s Observer Music Monthly.

I am conflicted. On the one hand I believe Jason Perry and Dan Carter, A bassist, who is also involved in the Willis project) is a genius, on the other, it’s the guy from Busted. But then what was so bad about Busted anyway?

I think we should, like, let the music do the talking. Down with indie snobbery!

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