Crafty inks

1 03 2006

Clare took me to a craft shop at the weekend. Didn’t particularly want to go, but I ended up getting some art supplies. Last night I did some proper inking for the first time with nibs and inks. It’s brilliant! Why wasn’t I doing this years ago? You read a lot about the importance of line weight in inking comics, which I didn’t really get until now. To date, my interpretation of that was having several different thicknesses of fineliner.

Of course, fineliners create dead lines ie lines that are the same thickness all the way along. The pens I bought are actually a selection of metal nibs, kind of like fountain pen nibs, that slot into a stick-like holder, and can go from a thick line to thin in the same stroke. They’re ace. Ink also allows you to put loads of solid black on the page which is pretty satisfying after years of using chunky markers that leave patchy grey rather than thick black.

Unfortunately for me, they do mean I have some learning to do, as they’re nowhere near as easy to use as my fineliners, which are basically conventional pens with round nibs. Plus you can’t just draw something, you have to think about what shapes you want to stand out (thick lines) and what you want to recede (thinner lines) in the readers attention. So there’s a lot more decision-making involved.

I’ll start posting the results when I get the scanner fired up (and when I’m a bit better!)

Listening to:

  • Crackout –  Doesn’t Matter Now
  • Campag Velocet – To Lose La Trek
  • Supernaturals – Scandinavian Girlfriend
  • Llama Farmers – Here Come the Big Wheels
  • McCluskey – Beacon for Pissed Ships
  • Serafin – Day by Day
  • Auburn – Dreams
  • Bloodhound Gang – The Bad Touch (God Lives Underwater remix)
  • Mia – Bucky Done Gun
  • Chicks – Rocca Rocka
  • Black Grape – England’s Irie

Sold seven CDs on Amazon today. I can practically touch that iPod… Except that’s all my newer CDs, now I’ve got to flog the obscure late ‘90s indie rock. The DVDs are going next. I’m downsizing my life. A load of clothes went to the charity shop last week. Old sheets and newspapers went in the bin.

I’m loath to throw out all the old magazines and stuff, but it’s gotta be done. Might eBay them, in case there’s someone out there with a burning desire for The NME, Melody Maker, 2000AD or Kerrang! c.1996-2002.

Did some reading up on style sheets last night. New site is gestating. Until it’s up and running, don’t go flicking, y’hear.




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