Career prospects…

10 03 2006

I had a job interview the other day. You know when you can’t stop talking even when you know you should? I didn’t get it but who cares. It’s frustrating when they’re asking leading questions and you’re trying to work out where they’re leading you and trying to twist your answers and your experience and your life to fit neatly into the tickbox on their checklist so you get their job.

Saw Debs and Lily DJ last night, thanks for the comments girls, and the sweets. Look out for the White Lightning. I’m working on invites for my friend Dawn’s Superhero party, got them pencilled and the inking is on the cards. I had to shave for this fucking interview and everything, Debs didn’t even recognise me until I was more myself, after three pints and dribbling on myself. Probably.
Some guy just knocked on my front door and told me his toilet was blocked and could he borrow a plunger. Except he didn’t know the word for plunger, I had to tell him. I’m not kidding. Did I tell you how cool my new shoes are? So cool I may never take them out of the box.

I think Clare thinks I forget about her when I go out for a few drinks but sometimes I miss her so much it’s like being punched in the stomach.




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