The morning after

10 03 2006

Ahhh, blogging while still slightly drunk. Fantastic. I’m glad I wrote down about the guy asking for a plunger at two in the morning, otherwise I would have forgotten about it. The words ‘surreal’ and ‘random’ get overused today, I feel. This little interlude was neither of those things, but it was pretty unusual.

Have just had supernoodles for breakfast. Not my finest hour. I’ll go to Sainsbury’s in a minute. Comix thing tomorrow. When am I going to have time to finish Dawn’s invite? Tonight, I promise.

I’m typing this for the second time because Firefox has just had a seizure. Maybe it’s because this is a slightly older Mac, but Firefox can’t seem to cope with dropdown menus if you type too fast. Still, that’ll learn me about typing straight into WordPress. Word process it first! Word process it first!

Right, I’m off to the shop. You need anything? I’ll get you a Double Decker.

Mmmm, supernoodles…




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