The Macabees

10 03 2006

Macabees.On/Offs.The Fratellis.Tiny Dancers
Camden Monarch 09.03.06

Tonight we’re all barflies, in front of a bunch of on/off bands. The Tiny Dancers are indie bumpkins and the Fratellis are indie likely lads, The On-Offs are indie identikit and the Macabees are indie whatevers.

Tiny Dancers are The Bees playing the village hall out of The Wicker Man. Singer David Kay is all teeth, Worzel Gummidge hair and skinny jeans. Their countryside stompalongs win across the crowd despite a technical fuzz-fuck. Handclaps and hayseeds.

The Fratellis demonstrate the stratospherication of the modern gig: at the front, 14-year-old myspace.boys in stripy t-shirts who know all the words. In the middle, fanzine girls in strappy tops and plastic jewellery – with badges. At the back, lapsed-NME-reading blokes in waterproof jackets and glasses, nodding a lot.

The Fratellis look exactly like a band should look – when you go see them, play spot the hairy drummer, the lumbering bassist and the curly singer. And sing along, ‘cos they’re brilliant. Shoutypop creeping up your back stairs and into your brain.

Meanwhile The Macabees are five guys, lots of polo shirts, but not much going on. Like the appropriately named On/Offs, they’re not bad, just not especially memorable. Worth keeping an ear out for the records. If you think you’ve heard of them, you probably haven’t. But if you think you haven’t heard of the Fratellis, you really should.




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