Mini comix and pocketfulls of beer

16 03 2006

Went to the UK Web and Mini Comix Thing at the weekend. Cash machine said no, which was a bit of a shadow over the whole day, but never mind. Was really good to see all the different stuff people are creating, very inspirational.

Went with Lily, White Lightning DJ and expert mingler, who made lots of friends.

I’ll be following up some of the links and comics I looked at over coming weeks, and writing about them here.

I’ll also be revealing which ideas I plan to shamelessly steal.

Went to the Metro Saturday night to see the Bikini Beach Band among others. I’ll write up the review in a bit. Was great apart from the gall of the place to charge £3.20 for a can of lager! I stood there with my £12.00 in my pocket (enough for four drinks, so I thought) getting all angry and thinking I could buy that for 90p in an off license.

Then I thought, I could buy that for 90p in an off license!

So between each band I nipped out and came back with pockets full of Grolsch. Being Oxford Street it cost considerably more than 90p, but still, I felt like I’d put one over on the man.

Not my proudest moment, but it did add a frisson of danger and excitement to the gig. Kicking against the pricks!




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