Money in the bank!

25 03 2006

I… have… been… paid… early! Ahahahahahahhaahahaaaaa!

Nothing else for it but… charity shop binge! £1.50 of charity shop vinyl!

I would tell you what they are but they are presents so I can’t.

Also bought the original novel of The Hustler by Walter Tevis for 99 pence. I like source novels, and right now I like charity shops, but only because they are the best shops in East Ham.

Would go to more interesting shops but I have stopped buying a £26 travelcard every week that allowed me to go anywhere, anytime. Instead I am getting the bus everywhere, and it’s a great moneysaver because apart from being cheaper travel, I can’t be arsed to go anywhere. Have to get the bus to Battersea tonight, so I need to set off, like, last week.

This post came about this close… to turning into a rant about how godawful East Ham is. However I decided right from the start that this would not be a place for ranting.

But trust me, it is fucking awful.




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