Putting the ‘e’ in White Lightening

30 03 2006

Feel ashamed… I faded out the Pixies to play Jackson 5…

Don’t you judge me! I had no time left! If I hadn’t done it I wouldn’t have been able to close with Son of a Preacher Man…

So anyway, tonight I left work and hopped the DLR to Cyprus to see White Lightning. Debs and Lily were on top form but Lily had had a bad day and Debs wanted to get the last train, so I got left in charge. And thank you girls! Initially it was like the bit in Top Gun where Maverick spazzes out and has flashbacks and shit and can’t fire a missile – I acted all that out for Deborah as well, she wasn’t sure – but finally I pressed play on Dizzee Rascal and well, after that it was like I’d never been away.

I batted away requests with the seasoned air of someone who doesn’t give a toss, played Ed fucking Ball, and even kept the dance floor alive for at least fifteen seconds.

Last songs: Buzzcocks – Ever Fallen in Love, at which point some twat put the lights on! But then some kind soul turned them off again so I fired up Pixies: Debaser… and none of those bastards turned a hair! How old are you people?! Like, eighteen or something!? Jesus! So then, god help me, I faded the Pixies (the clock was really fucking tight – tick tock tick tock fick fock what am I gonna play next??!!?) – for Jackson 5. The kids danced for a bit! And then I closed with Dusty Springfield and Son of a Preacher man. So it worked.

Ah man. DJing is the most fun a man… well, the most fun I can have. I should do it more often…




One response

30 03 2006

thanks for the comment. yeah people do say “this isn’t even funny”… just one of those phrases where i wonder why we say it. 🙂

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