Adventure Barbecue

8 05 2006

Been maintaining radio silence due to a busted-ass modem, but now I am back. In the interval, I have worked every single day of the bank holiday, won a competition on the radio, been to two gigs, and, er that’s about it.

Had a barbecue on Saturday to send off former cheerleader Jez back to America. Thursday was gloriously sunny, Friday was gloriously sunny, Saturday it pissed down. But were we put off? No! In true British style we just got on with it.

Jaqs, Freed and Elsa lashed plastic sheeting over the patio that was supplemented by later guests. I went halfway up a drainpipe to secure a sheet over the door and got soaked. But hey, way of the samurai, you get the same soaking if you walk down the middle of the street as if you scurry under the eaves.

By the evening there was a veritable shanty town of plastic keeping us dry – except for the occasional venting cascade of water over someone’s head. Coupled with the excitement of a rickety bench that could collapse anytime, an element of danger was added to proceedings. When the puddles above our heads grew too big we had to vent the water in a kind of shower-based version of Russian roulette.

Later on the rain stopped but the beer, bbq chicken and good times kept coming.

With grim inevitability, Sunday was lovely.




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