What a way to make a living

8 05 2006

Job interview tomorrow. I have shaved. This is a pity because I was rocking a moustache. It was part My Name Is Earl, part Pierce Brosnan in The Matador… well actually it was mostly just a bit ginger.

Me, sell out and get a nine-to-five? Wear a suit? Shave every day?
God I hope so. I am so bored of being skint. This month I’m off to All Tomorrow’s Parties and it’s Clare’s birthday. And what’s that, payroll chap? There’s been an error. Not to worry old man, happens to the best of us. What’s that? We won’t get our bonus this month?

Oh. Cheers for that.

And so, next month, when there are no festivals or birthdays that need to be paid for, I will be receiving two months of bonuses plus six days of Bank Holiday overtime. I suppose I’ll just have to blow it on another private jet.




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