Gainful employment

30 05 2006

The hay fever is kicking in AND it's still raining so it must be spring! It was Clare’s birthday last Thursday. We went for a drink in Greenwich where the thickly-accented barman asked me if I was a musician. I said no, why? He said I looked like a musician. I was quite pleased with that. It wasn’t until I sat down that I realised he had been saying “student”.

Got the job. It involves doing admin work on a medical science journal, Trends in Unpronounceable Things, and seems to mainly consist of chasing academics for their articles. I start next week. Can't wait to be slightly less poor!

Current beard status:
Moustache: furry
Chin: fuzzy
Beard: light dusting
Sideburns: thick, tending to luxuriant




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