Dick Rude is my mate

2 06 2006

Holy fuckola! Dick Rude has sent me a friend request!

The man who co-wrote and starred in Straight To Hell, the punk spaghetti western featuring Joe Strummer, Dennis Hopper, the Pogues, Elvis Costello, and pre-Kurt Courtney Love, wants to be my friend! He wants to be my mate!

He's also appeared in several other Alex Cox films, directed various Red Hot Chilli Pepper video, and written and directed other projects. The man's name is Dick Rude, f'chrissakes!

(BTW, if you don't know who Alex Cox is, stop reading these pansy-ass blogs and go track down Walker. Now that's a fucking history lesson.)

Up til now, I've been slightly ambivalent about MySpace as being much more than a souped-up version of FriendsReunited, but now I am struggling to overcome my cynicism about how real the whole thing is. Does Dick himself choose his friends? The only other friend requests I've had so far have been from porn webcam sites and bands looking to up their audience figures.

But Dick Rude! Hell, I'll be your friend!




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