fire and forget is dead… long live fire and forget 2.0!

19 01 2007

Well look who it is. It’s been a while. Take a pew. Let me get you a drink. The cheap stuff, we were never that close. Cheers.

Welcome to Fire And Forget 2.0.

Fire And Forget Version 1.0
was alright for a warm-up, a halfhearted homestead halfway along my wagon train ‘cross the blogosphere. Have a look if you can be bothered, but you’d be better off going back to the porn. Another pint? Why surely.

I started 1.0 with a lot of mealy-mouthed promises and ambitions, to myself as much as anybody, in the hope that making such promises public I would be inspired to complete them. I’ve learned a lot since then: mainly to never make promises.

Another one? Why not.

So no promises this time, just a guarantee that the standard of writing will stay dead high, like. Comics, films, music, you know the drill. My name’s Rich, by the way. One for the road?




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