noisettes / foals

30 01 2007

ICA 29.01.07

Foals are uptight-strapped guitarslingers, a doomed spiral of repetitive Bloc Party-isms until they undergo a mid-song seismic gear-shift and suddenly it’s all Cossack! At The Disco and stomping good.

Noisettes are here to tesssttiiiiiffffyyyiiiiii! They’re an evil universe Yeah Yeah Yeahs, a Skynard-style barroom band fronted by the wicked fairy that all the fairies in fairy school were scared of (but secretly fancied).

Decked out in goth-Tinkerbell rags and POLICE LINE – DO NOT CROSS guitar strap, Shingai Shoniwa belts out ‘Don’t give Up’ and ‘Scratch Your Name’ like a whirling dervish with sugarcoated wolf’s lungs. Just when you’ve got your head round the jerky gospel punk racket the Noisettes close with ‘Pub Life’, an oompah-driven atom bomb dropped on Oliver Twist’’s fogbound London streets, and they’re gone gone gone. Please Shingai, can we have some more?




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