commuter rage!

19 03 2007

Bizarre commuter rage incident this morning: Respectable-looking middle-aged commuter on packed train gets irate with respectable-looking middle-aged commuter who has one of those daft mini bikes. Irate Commuter has obviously been saving this up for a while as he rants “You do this every day, you have no regard for the other people who have to stand up on this busy train” to which Cyclist Commuter insouciantly rejoins “You’re being antisocial.”

This only winds up Irate Commuter further as he retorts “You’re being antisocial, let’s have a look at the railway Cyclist Commuter suggests that irate commuter is “being objectionable”, to which Irate Commuter spits in his face.

Brilliantly, this is greeted by a collective pantomime “GASP!” from the entire carriage.

Just goes to show, civilisation is just a thin veneer and we’re only one folding bicycle away from savagery.




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