trenholm blasts gutter press in engerland shocker!

3 04 2007

The other day a Radio 1 sports reporter described Steve Maclaren’s press conference as a ‘major diva strop’ when he announced in a perfectly even voice, “Gentlemen, you can write what you want to write, because that’s all I’m going to say.’ A ‘diva strop’ it clearly was not – that’s the sort of lazy, mean-spirited aren’t-we-clever journalism that’s partly to blame for the lack of grace that’s poisoning football.

The pressures of the money involved seems to have led to a sense of humour failure among the higher echelons, with Ferguson, Wenger and Mourinho acting and talking like stereotypical arsehole corporate fiefdom managers rather than football team managers, thinking their money and success (which are inseparable, let’s face it) give them the divine right to act like particularly graceless teenagers.

And the press don’t help. In the language of tabloid extremes, where people don’t disagree, they “storm”, “blast” and “strop”, they “romp” and “snub”, it’s acceptable to picture Maclaren mocked up as a clown after the Andorra game, and worse, before the game, mocked up talking to some donkeys captioned as an England team talk. It’s this climate of bad feeling that’s turned me against the game, the mean-spiritedness that meant I couldn’t follow the last World Cup with the feeling I had as a kid, that it was somehow, y’know, right, just maybe this time it was somehow meant to be.

Maybe this is me having a diva strop. Anyway, I’m taking my ball, and I may not be coming back.




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