Rich Trenholm lives in London England and likes music like you like breathing and walking around. This is where he writes down his thoughts, when he remembers.

Richard Dominic Trenholm was born on the Wirral peninsula in March 1980. He has two brothers, one sister, two sisters-in-law, one nephew, one niece and one girlfriend. They are all very good-looking. Apart from some ‘50s rock’n’roll, hand-me-down Police mix tapes and Nik Kershaw’s ‘Human Racing’ album, he wasn’t that bothered about music as a young’un. Then he got to about fifteen, had an epiphany in a tent at the sound of Terrorvision’s ‘Oblivion’, and turned into a proper little indie kid (with punk delusions). His first single was Kula Shaker’s Hey Dude, his first gig was The Longpigs (with Embrace and Travis), his first CD with his own money was ‘The Evening Session Priority Tunes’ compilation and he can’t remember his first album but it might have been Kenickie’s ‘In the Club’. He thinks these are all pretty respectable. He has one tattoo, one piercing, and one vinyl LP (A, ‘How Ace are Buildings’, double gatefold slab of rock) and he lives in East London. He is employed to read newspapers for five and a half hours a day.

During his million and a half years at university, Rich had a crack at student journalism (as well as DJing, drinking, and actually getting an alright degree – eventually). Enough people said nice things about the results to motivate him to pull his finger out and write more, and, like, do more art an’ that. fireandforget is where he pins his ideas down. He hopes you like them.

There will be images. He knows you’ll like them.

fire and forget is a military term for non-guided (or just misguided?) ordinance. While some missiles can be guided to their target by wire or radio, others are simply pointed at their target and then expected to make their own way there. They are fired, and forgotten about.

This incendiary combination of carnage and disposability appealed to Rich as an indie/punk/whatever DJ, firing off tunes all over the place and not pausing to think about them. The concept equally applies to and, which fires off ideas and opinions and isn’t really bothered if they blow the fuck out of the intended target or disappear over the ocean.

Plus it sounds cool.

fire and forget is all about 21st century pop culture, whatever that is. Y’know – films, music, comics : the important stuff. The site was originally envisaged as promoting a new indie disco of the same name. However club promotion is too much like hard work so Rich decided to write about stuff instead. Via the miracle of modern technology, you can follow Rich’s thoughts on all kinds of music (as long as it’s, y’know, good), films and comics, and just about anything else that tickles his fancy (or gets his goat). Stick around – you might learn something.


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